NEKTAR AGU / Argentina

Label Artist

Agustin Martin aka. Nektar Agu born in 1992, native of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his career as a musician in 2008 inspired mostly by the underground scene of countries like Romania, Russia and Germany. This leads to a strong development of the influences that have marked his characteristic sound. We can define his music as techno with minimalist IDM break sounds, and organic atmospheres or dissonant pads, connected texture and versatility suited to the dancefloor outcomes. With the release of his first EP ” Bad Habits’ and his participation in collaboration with Yaroslav Lenzyak entitled ” 2019 ” (both released by renowned Berlin label Sleep is Commercial), Nektar won the support of many artists around the world , including renowned names like Ricardo Villalobos, Barem, Blond:ish, Franco Cinelli, Mihai Popoviciu, Vid aka. Egal3, Bella Sarris, Arapu, Barac, Nu Zau, Faster, Pheek, S.A.M., Cesar Merveille, Chad Andrew, Kozo, Crihan, Jessica Diaz, Zendid among others, supported and played their tracks. In this way he was able to play alongside with local and foreign artists as Dennis Ferrer, Barac, Lowris, Ferro, Xandru Laylla Dane, Funk E, Vincentiulian among others.