VENDi / France

Label Artist

Vendi is a Berlin-based French electronic music artist who has cultivated his passion for the arts across a strata of different skills and techniques, including drawing (which has flourished into Vendi becoming a growing tattoo artist), and playing several acoustic instruments since childhood, such as guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Being native to music early on, Vendi formed an alternative rock band during his first 3 years out of high school, which was heavily influenced by Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Pixies, and The Smashing Pumpkins. He made his final lurch into electronic music in his early 20s starting with MAO, whereby he totally fell into the genre and into making music that made people dance. It began, for Vendi, with spinning records for his friends at private parties, which moved into mixing at clubs throughout his city. After 2 years he wanted to go deeper with his newfound love for all things electronic and moved to Barcelona, staying for 6 years and playing at venues such as City Hall (Barcelona), Space, Privilege & Underground (Ibiza.) After which, Vendi dropped his bag in Berlin in 2008, where he developed a big crush for the city’s obscure underground scene, lifestyle and art culture. Over the last decade he has already played a plethora of clubs i.e., Bar25, Tresor, C.D.V, Wilde Renate, Golden Gate, KaterHolzig & Watergate, on top of having visited renowned venues in Europe, South and North America, most recently having traveled to the Eastern bloc countries – Bucharest to Moscow.
As a musician, Vendi is also exploring different types of music. Having come from an artistic family, and being surrounded by a diverse music culture thoroughly cultivated by his brothers and sisters, he is also inspired by, and gravitates towards, different categories, from classical music to jazz, pop, rock, and 80s/90s new wave. In the past 3 years, Vendi has released on the following labels: Hoxton London, Bodyparts (dig. album & Ep vinyl), Silver Network, Sleep is Commercial, Inwave and other underground wax labels. His own Imprint Black Sketch Records will launch in 2019. And while his productions are established in the underground scene, he is most dedicated to being productive every day whether it be recording in the studio or designing tattoo art. Vendi is constantly reformulating his artistic fibre, experimenting with ‘accidents in art’, and developing his skills, which drive him to always do better and perform with the tact of a true musical professional – with his amorous obsession for electronic music always pushing him to the future.